Welcome to the 7 Day Tapping into Ancestral Money Wisdom Training.

My name is Vangile Makwakwa, I help women of color heal ancestral money trauma so they can fall in love with their bank accounts, increase income and live their best lives. I am the founder of Wealthy Money and a nomad. I have lived in over 12 different countries and traveled to way more without using debt or a credit card.

I created this training for women like you who are in business, who have the education and have the read the business books and are doing the affirmations but are struggling to grow their business and create consistent stream of income in their businesses.

This 7 day training is for you if you are ready to:

🌟Tap into your ancestral wisdom to gain a greater understanding of your cultural values, traditions, and perspectives on money so you can better understand yourself and garner ancestral support on your money journey

🌟Learn from the financial successes of your ancestors: In this training you will connect with your ancestors and study their achievements and financial victories, so you can gain insights into their strategies, your ancestor’s core strengths, mindset, and actions that contributed to their prosperity. This knowledge will help you understand what financial practices would be most effective in your life

🌟Change your hidden money patterns: By understanding the financial patterns that have been passed down, you can bring awareness to any limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging behaviors related to money. This awareness empowers you to create a new money paradigm

🌟Access your ancestors abundance consciousness: Our ancestors were resilient, they knew how to use resources and make a little go a long way so the next generation could survive. Tapping into this wisdom can help you see things differently and open you up to new ways of thinking which opens up new possibilities in business and the way you use money in your life

🌟Feel empowered financially and start building a business that is in alignment with your truth. When we understand where we come from, we can remember that we are part of a larger lineage and it comes easier to intentional choices aligned with our values and goals which helps us get into alignment so we can manifest the money we want

🌟Start building a family legacy: When faced with choices related to investments, savings, or financial planning, we can draw upon the collective wisdom of our ancestors. Their experiences provide us with a broader perspective and a wealth of insights to inform our decision-making process

I know what it’s like to work long hours and not have the money follow or to just stay at the same income level. Or to launch a business and be frozen in fear and not know what next steps to take.

I have a Finance Honors degree from the University of Cape Town in South Africa and an MBA from the Simmons School of Management in Boston, MA.

I came to do the work I do because even though I had this awesome education I still found myself struggling to pay for my basic living expenses when I started my first company.

I worked 16 hour days in my first business and I made $500 income in 3 years and had to rely on friends and family to cover my basic expenses.

I couldn’t understand what was happening and I felt soo ashamed because I knew how to write the perfect business plan and do projections and spreadsheets.

But somehow I couldn’t translate that knowledge into action. I couldn’t openly talk about the prices of my products and services, I struggled to negotiate in business deals, I froze up when I had to send invoices to clients and had insane panic attacks about money.

I thought I wasn’t working hard enough and not thinking positively and yet no matter how much I affirmed, I just couldn’t seem to make money in my business or even grow my business beyond a certain point and I felt more and more depressed and started think there was something wrong with me.

Deep down I knew that there had to be more to money than just positive thinking, budgeting and cutting back on expenses so I ditched my university and academic lessons and hired a coach, went on journey to start working on healing ancestral money trauma and unlocking ancestral wisdom.

One day a friend of mind asked me if I was sure if my depression and fear and anxiety about money were all mine or if maybe I was carrying some of my ancestors stuff especially around money.

So I went back to learn about all those things I was taught growing up and started researching trauma and ancestral trauma and as I started healing I started tapping into my ancestor’s money wisdom. 

I realized I was burning myself out, focusing on things in my business that were not my key strengths and that certain things like marketing and sales, that I thought I was terrible at, were actually things my ancestors were good at.

I learned that we were also good at operations and systems and that I could tap into this wisdom to build my business and I could hire people to do the things I wasn’t good at.

And some awesome things started to happen:

✔️ I have paid off US$60,000 in debt

✔️ I have grown my business to make over US$100,000 a year in revenue

✔️ I live a cash life and don’t own any credit cards

✔️ I have lived in 12 different countries and visited at least 20 more, all with a debit card. I am actually recording this video in Vietnam

✔️ Gifted my mom a 2 week retreat to Thailand where she got 5 hour massages daily and 1 week in Sri Lanka where we go to chill and vacation in 5 star hotel

✔️ Gifted my sister trips to Vietnam and Sri Lanka. In fact, the first time I came to Vietnam was with my sister

✔️ Helped my aunt understand her spending habits so she could become debt free and take early retirement

And so much more cool stuff that I haven't mentioned.

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