Day 6: Setting weekly income goals & creating consistent streams of income

In Day 6, we’re working on the Weekly Goal Setting Worksheet, which you can download below. This worksheet is the cornerstone of the work I do with clients, it offers a roadmap to not just doubling your income, but amplifying your business acumen.

We break down the worksheet into actionable steps:

1. Get clear on your income goals, from short-term monthly targets to grand five-year aspirations. What once felt audacious is now an integral part of your vision.

2. Understand how you will make this income. List all your income sources, be it your primary business or supplementary streams. If you're just starting, focus on one income channel to ensure quality over quantity.

3. Harnessing the Power of Focus. Directing your efforts to one income stream can yield remarkable results. Quantity pales in comparison to the impact of quality.

4. Get clear on your strategy and how it aligns with your income goals

5. Map your action plan. Outline the concrete steps for the week ahead.

Here's what you will learn in today's class:

- 00:02 Introduction to day six of the training

- 02:45 Introducing the weekly goal setting worksheet exercise from the #MoneyMagic course

- 05:19 Guidance on setting income goals and focusing on core strengths

- 07:52 Importance of focusing on fewer streams of income for better results

- 10:13 Sharing personal examples of managing different income channels and businesses

- 12:35 Tips on setting income targets for different channels and prioritizing focus

- 14:41 Allocate money for living expenses, emergency savings, investments, and business

- 17:04 Reflect on who you would be and what actions you'd take if you were already making your desired income

- 19:30 Align your actions with your income goals, focusing on effective strategies and marketing plans

- 22:15 Engage in inner work to address triggers, wounds, and ancestral vows that might hinder progress

- 24:48 Prioritize self-care routines, including massages, meditation, and budgeting for mental well-being

- 27:07 Develop a relationship action plan to strengthen your support system and nurture valuable connections

>>>Download the Weekly Goal Setting Worksheet and watch the video below.

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