Bonus Lesson: A fun way to save US$3,900/ R33,900

I am calling this the Wealthy Money Stairways Savings Strategy.

This is similar to the 365 daily savings plan, which I just learned about today. Turns out there are tons of savings plans online so thought I should share mine as well.

This strategy thrives on the flexibility afforded by extra streams of income and it’s really great for entrepreneurs, freelancers or people who make money daily or weekly.

I'm personally implementing this approach using my AirBnB and income stream, and it revolves around a systematic and progressive savings plan.

Weekly Savings Routine:

The crux of the plan lies in choosing a specific weekday to contribute to your savings or investment account.

For instance, I've chosen Fridays as my designated savings day because I want to take advantage of the consistency of payments on that day, while remaining adaptable to the variable payout schedule of AirBnB.

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I will also be outing my savings into my unit trust account vs a bank account because I want to invest the money.

I was also thinking this is a cool way to pay off a mortgage. When I was in debt I chose to start a business and pay off my US$60,000 debt on a weekly basis and it worked well. I was debt free in 3.5 years.

Incremental Growth Model:

The beauty of this savings concept lies in its incremental growth.

The amount saved per week increases by ZAR100/US$10 every month, creating a staircase-like progression. In January, the starting point, you commit to saving R100/$10 each week for the four weeks of the month, accumulating a total of R400/$40 by month-end.

In February your savings commitment increases to R200/$20 per week, culminating in an impressive R800/$80 for the month and an overall savings total of R1,200/$120.'

March and Beyond:

As the calendar turns to March, the savings routine evolves once more.

Now, you're saving R300/$30 every week, if you’re an entrepreneur whose income is growing every month this ensures that your savings strategy keeps pace with your increasing income.

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This pattern continues throughout the year, with each subsequent month seeing a R100/$10 increment in the weekly savings commitment.

Year-End Reflection:

By the time December arrives, your weekly savings will have reached R1,200/$120 per week, resulting in a substantial monthly savings of R4,800/$480. At the end of the year you will have saved or invested R33,900/ $3,900.


I am excited to try this out because it marries consistency with the rhythms of entrepreneurial income streams.

I also like it because as your income grows you can choose to add an extra zero to your weekly savings, so instead of saving R100/$10 per week in January, you can choose to save R1000/$100 per week and that can be game changing.

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