Breathwork meditation to release fear, anxiety and/or overwhelm


I thought it would be a good idea to send you information about breathwork before you get started so you know exactly why you're doing what you're doing and you understand how it can help you release and heal trauma.

What is breathwork?

Breathwork is one of the most effective trauma tools that I've used on my healing journey.

One of the first things I learned when I started vipasssana meditation is that our breath changes with our emotions.

When we feel sad, scared or angry, our breath changes.

Most cultures globally have always had an understanding of the power of the breath as a healing tool.

This is why most schools of meditation use the breath to help guide us inward.

This is called anapana meditation.

If we can be still and just focus on the breath and observe the breath, without trying to change it, we can start to calm the mind and start to release what Goenka-ji, Vipasssana meditation teacher, calls "the impurities of the mind" and discover nirvana (inner peace).

Breathwork as a tool to heal trauma

In the 70s there was a growing interest in meditation, LSD and consciousness and researchers started looking into breath as a healing technique and what they found is that the breathwork could be used to heal illnesses, emotions and even alter our mental and spiritual state.

And since then, there's been a rise in various schools of breathwork focused on using this tool to heal trauma.

Breathwork is different to anapana meditation in some key ways: in breathwork you can move your body, use music, sound out your emotions, set intentions and ask your subconscious questions.

Breathwork allows us to take in more oxygen, which can alter and improve gland function and the endocrine system. Increased oxygen also allows us to massage our organs and detox our bodies.

As we detox our bodies, we also start to release whatever thoughts, memories or beliefs we were holding onto and start to process and integrate these, which helps us heal trauma and our nervous system. 

After all, trauma isn't just the big messy things in our lives, it's events and experiences we were unable to process because we didn't have the tools, emotional maturity, psychological maturity or support system needed to process them, so we stored them in the body as "open case files". As a result these experiences remained in our energy fields and altered our nervous system, emotional response and behavior. 

People who've experienced trauma, tend to have a nervous system that's always on alert and on fire, waiting for danger, which makes it difficult to relax, so major traumatic events likes a pandemic, which signals danger, can trigger our trauma responses to danger such as freezing, going into full on panic mode, over eating, under eating etc. And some of these responses can be ancestral or from past lives. 

Every time we're triggered, these traumatic experiences come to the surface, we re-experience them and behave in the same manner as the part of us that experienced a similar trauma behaved. 

This keeps us in a loop and makes it hard for us to choose different response patterns to traumatic and painful events or money and can even lead to physical or mental illness. 

 Breathwork meditation can help us complete the trauma cycle so we integrate the experiences/events, and in so doing start processing the trauma, releasing panic, fear, anxiety etc.

Personally, I believe it is a very effective tool to help us process the collective trauma we are all experiencing with this pandemic.

I've worked with various coaches who've guided me in the basics of breathwork and I've also been doing my own research, working with clients and students to see how to to help them release financial trauma using breathwork.

Some key things that are really important to note before you start:

📌 I'm a healer and my meditations are light coded to help you go deeper than you normally would with such meditations

📌 Breathwork plus the light codes in this meditation can trigger intense physical sensations, emotions and traumatic memories. If you feel scared or overwhelmed, please slow down your breath or breathe through your mouth for a few minutes and continue breathing and following the instructions

📌 Slowing down your breath, can help you calm down when you feel scared or unsafe, so slow your breath and keep breathing though the emotions

📌 Allow whatever happens to happen, if you need to self soothe by massaging yourself or hugging yourself as you breathe, please do that

📌 Common reactions to the meditation are: feeling like you're vibrating, sweating, shaking, feeling cold, burping, vomiting/ feeling like you want to vomit, farting, runny tummy, seeing ancestors, seeing and/or experiencing past lives, seeing ancestral memories, seeing traumatic childhood experiences, feeling deeply connected to the universe, feeling scared, feeling deep peace, crying, screaming uncontrollably, laughing uncontrollably, feeling a bunch of emotions, having life changing realizations, feeling lightheaded etc.

📌 If your mouth gets dry, please drink water. I try to drink water an hour or 2 before a session and it helps

📌 It's normal for your fingers and toes to get super stiff during the breathwork, if that happens just breathe and massage thee feet or hands

📌 Don't eat anything 2 hours, before you do the session

📌 Once you start this meditation, please make sure you complete it because we focus on soothing the nervous system in the en

📌 Please take the pleasure exercise in the end seriously

📌 If you're in a house with other people, you can use a pillow to muffle the sounds once you start sounding out your emotions

📌 Make sure you close your eyes throughout the session, it will help you go deeper. You can use a blindfold to cover your eyes, if you feel safe

📌 You CANNOT do this meditation wrong, because there is NO right or wrong way to do it, so if you breathe out through your nose instead of your mouth a few times, it's all good. If you can't sound out anything or move, it's all good. Whatever happens is okay

📌 It's totally okay to have someone in the room with you if you feel like you need them to hold space for you or watch over you

Keep doing this breathwork meditation everyday or every few days and start to observe how you feel after a few sessions.

Do you feel calmer? Are thinking a little clearer?

Yes, the change can be that fast and that dramatic

*** IMPORTANT NOTICE: DO NOT do this meditation if you are pregnant or have serious illnesses (mental or physical). Rather check out anapana meditation on YouTube:

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